Mayor things to celebrate in one person’s life

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There are many events that come in the person life. Each of the events either it is religious or cultural have their own significance in the life of a person. Since the human being put their step on this ground they have been celebrating their life events according to the culture and religion to which they belong. There are seven major events that come in the life of Christian person all those have their own significance and they are very important because this is what make them a society and develop their culture.

Following are the seven major events that come in the life of the Christian:

· Baptism:

This is the first event of a person life when he just born this event start after the few weeks’ baby is born as this event is also known as the blessed or holy water event. The purpose of this event is to identify the child as a Christian and this makes everyone get together in the church where the child is blessed with the holy water in the presence of God. It is performed by the priest of the church and the way of doing is that the head of the child is washed with the baptized water by saying some holy words. In this ceremony, oil is also used twice in which the child chest I smeared with the oil this is the sign of healing and strengthening. After this, the crown is put on the head which resembles the symbol of joy and thanksgiving. This whole ceremony is done in the church.

· Confirmation:

The confirmation is the first step to under the communion some people do it at age of 12 or 13 and mostly catholic perform this religious event of their life over the age of 30. The purpose of this is to join the Christian community for the very first time with the help of bishop and all the family members are also present in this event as they all get together to join the lord’s table and then finally the person enters into the community.

· Anointing of the Stick:

This is the most sacred event that happens in the person life who live in the Christian community. Once the person enters the Christianity life can take advantage from this event. As this is for the person who is suffering from the sickness or old age. It is the act which was present even in the ancient Christianity according to which as the person get old or sick the stick also get also get and die with him or her.

· Marriage:

After being born marriage is the second major event that comes in person life as after this the whole life of person get change. That’s why this event is celebrated with full joy and happiness. The marriage is the love of man and women for each other who take a vow in front of God that they will stick together in the time of needs. The celebration starts with bride walking through the Ailes after that the exchange of rings occur and then finally vows are speaking out loud. The ceremony can be held at the church or in the garden it depends on the couple. This is the only event for which the people start preparation almost a year ago.

· First Born:

After marriage, this is the most awaited event that comes in the life of a person when his or her newborn comes in this world. This event also followed by the baptism of new-born child event so this makes it more memorable. That’s how the life cycle of the person life goes on from one end to the end and generations goes by.

Above mentioned are just a few major events of the person life although there are many little events that come in the person life like graduation day, first birthday, first marriage anniversary and first car. These all are the small events which make the life more colorful with the presence of your loved ones. That’s why as the major events are so important in life because they come only once in a lifetime just like that the small events are also very powerful make sure it goes well, spread happiness and joy everywhere because that’s all that people want in their life.


written by: yetapin